paper & plastics
vintage plastics and ephemera
Advertising and packaging ephemera
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Billheads Link to Billheads &: letterheads
Hovis playing cards Hovis playing cards
Hovis bakery sales book Hovis bakery sales book
Tala kitchenware catalogue Tala kitchenware catalogue
Griffith Jewellery catalogue William Griffith Jewellery catalogue, Birmingham
Wardonia cutlery catalogues Wardonia cutlery catalogues
French flour boxes
Page & Shaw chocolates
Robin Knitting Wool bags
W H Clarke, Lincoln shop bags
Wilsons Snuff bags Wilsons Snuff, old advertising bags
Vitos French advertising bags
Bottomley Chemists blotter Bottomley Chemist Blotter, Prenton
Duckworth Essences blotters Duckworth Essences advertising blotters
Newmans Hinges blotter Newmans Hinges blotter
Yorkshire Penny Bank Blotter Yorkshire Penny Bank Blotter
Supershell ADV receipt pad Supershell ADV receipt pad
Jem-Snak advert display card Jem-Snak advertising display card
Plummers Store, Bournemouth Plummers Store, Bournemouth
Gymbo shoe catalogue Gymbo catalogue