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Baccyflap Tobacco Pouches

Baccyflap Tobacco Pouches
Wunup Baccyflap Tobacco Pouch
Wunup Baccyflap Tobacco Pouch
Wunup Baccyflap Tobacco Pouch
Wunup Baccyflap Tobacco Pouch
Parker Baccyflap Tobacco Pouch

The Baccyflap tobacco storage containers are lovely examples of a classic piece of design in plastic. It is a very simple design and fulfills its purpose perfectly, it is airtight and just neatly fits into a pocket. The two halves screw together and inside the inner ring that stops the tobacco spilling is removable for easy cleaning. This inner ring is sometimes missing but my current examples are complete.

The Baccyflap was sold under 2 brands, Wunup and Parker, as part of the range of products made for smokers under these brands. The Wunup is 95mm diameter and 30mm thick whilst the Parker example is often very slightly smaller depending on the material it is made of.

The Wunup were made of the typical dark brown marbled bakelite although the colour does vary. The Parker were made in a variety of differing materials, some bakelite and some rigid styrene and have a greater variation in colour.

At present I do not have any Baccyflaps in stock.

Wunup £70.00. SOLD
Parker £40.00 SOLD.
Postage & packing for UK £3.75 each.
Overseas postage & packing £5.00 extra.

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